Auto Air-Conditioning Re-Gas and Repairs

General scheduled servicing does not include an in-depth air conditioning service, so taking the time to have your air conditioning system checked regularly is important to your vehicles maintenance. Class 1 Auto Electrics are licensed Auto Air Conditioning specialists who can service and repair auto air conditioners to all vehicle makes and models. Class 1 Auto Electrics are able to carry out system diagnosis. Leak and pressure test systems. Filter and hose removal and replacement. R134A air-conditioning re-gas. Compressor and Condenser repairs and replacement.


It is compulsory to have a Government approved immobiliser fitted to your vehicle when you apply to license or transfer a vehicle in WA. They greatly reduce the chances of having your car stolen, and some insurance companies will offer you a discount when an approved immobiliser has been fitted.

We can help you with Immobiliser supply, installation, diagnostics, repair and, if necessary, removal.

Electronic Fuel Injection

We offer and specialise in the following EFI services:

  • Traditional & Electronic EFI systems
  • Engine management
  • Fuel injector testing & repair
  • Engine diagnosis and repairs
  • Ultrasonic cleaning and back flushing
  • Flow testing (volumetric and timed)
  • Fuel injection pump testing & repairs
  • Emissions testing
  • Servicing & general maintenance & repairs

Lighting Systems and Auxiliary Lighting

Repairs, Supply and Installation for all lighting systems. Headlights, Rearlights, Auxiliary / Spotlight lamps, Rotating beacons, Lightbars, LED lighting.

Authorised Teletrac Navman Dealer

Class 1 Auto Electrics are Teletrac Navman Dealer. Supplying and installing Teletrac Navman Fleet Management Solutions and providing all necessary support and training to customers.

Car Audio

Todays factory new car audio is improving year after year yet we still find many customers looking to upgrade their current systems to incorporate MP3, iPod and Bluetooth connectivity.

Current legislation laws requires all Mobile Phone to be effectively connected via a hands-free kit whilst in operation as touching your Phone whilst driving is now illegal. Class 1 Auto Electrics can help to find the best solution for you.

4WD Accessories

Lighting, Dual Battery management systems and battery trays, Car Fridges, UHF radio and antennas, Portable air compressors.

Solar Installations for Camping

Solar power is one of the cleanest forms of energy known to man. Sunlight is a natural renewable source of power, and it is free.

Class 1 Auto Electrics can help you keep your caravan, motorhome, camper trailer or recreational vehicle running a variety of appliances and accessories without draining your battery. Our experienced Class 1 auto electricians can install solar and charging systems as a power supply while you’re on the move, as well as offering you a quiet power alternative when you set up camp for the night.

We provide solar wiring, solar panel installation, inverter installations and installation of battery charging .

Environmentally friendly providing abundant low DC voltage power source, thus providing safe application with no ongoing costs.

Breakdown Support

Should you find yourself stranded with a flat battery or there is a bigger problem at fault, our experienced, professional Team can diagnose the issue and work quickly to repair the problem for you. We have fully stocked Mobile Workshops, which allows us to attend to you onsite and carry out a number of repairs.

Dolly Trailer Auto Electrics
Truck Trailer with Auto Electrics installed by Class 1 Auto Electrics
Stack of truck trailers with auto electrics installed by Class 1 Auto Electrics
We can solve your auto electric problems with Trucks as well.